Triangles in the Dark

all-seeing eye by ~gass13 via deviantART

We drew triangles in the dark;
my eyes to the light bulb,
then down into yours;
you gazed right back,
and then to the clock

and back to the bulb; when
lightning fooled our eyes
to think the bulb lit up,
we looked at each other,
and then back to the bulb

and glared at the skies
and winced back to the clock —
“tick tock, tick tock, tick tock”
–then flashed to the bulb;
we drew triangles in the dark.

While waiting for the electricity to go back, while waiting for my birthday, my sister and I drew triangles in the dark. In my head, this sounded rhythmic, musical. Yes or no? Could you please let me know?

2 thoughts on “Triangles in the Dark

  1. Rhythmical and full of music, yes, drawing triangles in the dark is wonderful for the potential in all of its ambiguities–as well as for the more finite associations with the light and the camera that you relate it to. Very well done.

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